Realtor Short Sale Saver Program

As a Realtor, you know how frustrating -- even maddening --  it is to work for months negotiating a Short Sale for a Buyer, only to have the house get scheduled for foreclosure. Despite your best efforts, the very real possibility exists that the house will get foreclosed on and all your work will go down the drain... 

.... Your Homeowner loses their home to foreclosure....
.... Your Buyer, who has become emotionally invested in the home, now loses it....
.... The Selling Agent, who worked so hard for her client, loses her commission....
.... And You, the Listing Agent, after working so hard on this, lose your commission....

              There is now a great back-up plan that can Save the Short Sale 

Our Short Sale Saver Program allows you to have a plan in place in case the worst-case scenario happens and the house actually sells at auction. At this time, we are only offering this program in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

REI Funding can pay you your commission, sell the house to your Buyer for the same accepted contract price, and pay the Selling Agent their commission. Complete the form below, and you will receive immediate info by email about how our program works.

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